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How does substance abuse impact the workplace?

“Substance abuse isn’t a problem in our workplace.”

You’ve probably heard it before: “I know all of my employees personally. Substance abuse isn’t a problem in our workplace.” or “It would be obvious if one of our employees was using drugs or alcohol at work.” Fortunately, comments like these are no longer as common as they once were as a result of the significant strides that have been made in educating employers about substance abuse and how it can affect the workplace.

There is still, however, a great deal of denial as well as numerous misconceptions among many employers about who is using illicit drugs and alcohol, and how this can directly impact their bottom line. The following statistics and anecdotes are intended to further educate and inform employers about the prevalence of substance abuse in the workplace, the impact that it has on the workplace and employees, and the benefits that employers have experienced as the result of implementing prevention programs. Continue reading