About Us

The mission of Florida Drug, Alcohol, & DNA Screening is to provide a confidential, affordable screening process while keeping “hometown values” a priority through high standards of absolute integrity and honesty.

Florida Drug, Alcohol, & DNA Screening is the premier drug and alcohol screening facility serving Taylor County and Florida’s greater Big Bend areas. We specialize in providing convenient, cost-effective drug and alcohol screening support to facilitate regulatory compliance.florida-screening-about-us

Top Five Reasons to choose Florida Drug, Alcohol, & DNA Screening

  1. Excellence in Customer Service.  Florida Drug, Alcohol, & DNA Screening recognizes that our customer (you) IS our business. We make every effort to satisfy all of your company requirements
  2. Promoting a Drug-Free Workplace. We will provide you with a comprehensive Drug & Alcohol policy tailored to your specific needs and philosophy. Our policy integrates the mandated government requirements for compliance.
  3. You will attract Top Quality Employees. Employees with substance abuse tendencies will gravitate towards employers that do not have a comprehensive testing program in place. You will attract qualified candidates with Florida Drug, Alcohol, & DNA Screening.
  4. Avoid Penalties & Lawsuits. The Federal Government is imposing heavy penalties on those companies who do not have their program in place and properly documented.
  5. We are independently owned and community involved.  Florida Drug, Alcohol, & DNA Screening is a locally owned and operated business in Perry, FL. We take pride in our community; value our customers and appreciate the business they provide. We realize that without support from our community members we wouldn’t be able to survive in this struggling economy. We are committed to giving back by bringing local jobs to the area, keeping worksites drug fee, and by focusing on partnering with other community businesses as this strengthens our economic base.

We offer consortium/third party administration (C/TPA) services for companies regulated by federal and state government. We help transportation companies of all sizes to comply with legal requirements. Florida Drug, Alcohol, & DNA Screening will help you implement quality substance abuse prevention with a screening program that will meet or exceed federal, state and industry standards.

Florida Drug, Alcohol, & DNA Screening also provides support and services for Drug-Free Workplace management. If you are interested in a professional drug and alcohol screening service for your non-regulated employees, you will find Florida Drug, Alcohol, & DNA Screening flexible enough to accommodate your specific needs; no client or program is too large or too small.