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Frequently Asked Questions About Drug and Alcohol Screening


How do I schedule an appointment for a drug, alcohol or DNA test?

To make an appointment you may call our main office anytime between Monday and Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm EST 850-584-3355.

What is the difference between a DOT random testing pool and a NON-DOT random testing pool?

For motor carriers, a DOT random testing pool can only include drivers who drive in the United States who are governed by the regulations in 49CFR382 and 40. A NON-DOT random testing pool consists of any person that is not mandated under DOT regulations, but is required by Company Policy to be part of a random drug and alcohol program.

What are the DOT random testing rates for FMCSA?

The minimum annual testing rate for drugs is 50% of the average number of driving positions at the company and the minimum annual testing rate for alcohol is 10% of the average number of driving positions at the company.

What is a Consortium for the purpose of random testing?

A Consortium is a group of companies or individual drivers pooled together to meet the required drug and alcohol random testing rates.

My driver has been chosen several times in a row for random testing, do I have to test him/her again?

Yes. The names of those tested in random previous selections must be returned to the pool for each new selection. Each driver must be subject to equal chance of being selected during each selection process.

Can someone test positive on a drug test if they were exposed to marijuana smoke without smoking themselves (ie: second hand smoke)?

The possibility of it happening is very low due to the cut-off levels used by the laboratory.

How long does it take to clean drugs out of a person’s system?

The detection periods listed here may vary according to the individual’s health, size and weight, metabolic rate, history of use (acute versus chronic), dose used, and the cut-off levels used by the laboratory.

What do I do if my driver tests positive, or refuses, a DOT random test?

Refer to 49 CFR Part 40, Subpart O. The following steps must be taken:

1. The driver must see a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). The SAP will determine if the driver needs treatment. If the SAP recommends treatment, the driver must complete the required treatment before driving into the U.S. again.

2. The driver must complete a DOT return-to-duty test that is verified negative before he/she drives into the U.S. again.

3. The driver must complete any follow-up testing that the SAP recommends (if any). Note: Star Drug Testing will remind you in advance of any follow-up tests that are scheduled for your drivers (provided that Star Drug Testing is supplied with these dates).

What happens if I hire a driver who’s tested positive in the last 2 years?

First, check to see what action has been taken by the previous employers since the positive test. It is now your responsibility to ensure that the necessary steps are completed. [See the question: What do I do if my driver tests positive on, or refuses, a DOT random test? for an outline of the necessary steps when a driver tests positive on, or refuses, a random test.]

When is a Post-Accident test required and how do I book the test?

This is a very time-sensitive issue. Please call immediately if you need guidance. Refer to 49CFR382.303.

When can a ‘reasonable suspicion’ test be done according to DOT regulations?

Refer to 49CFR382.307 and 49CFR382.603. When a trained drug & alcohol supervisor observes a driver, and fully documents suspicious behavior occurring immediately before, during, or immediately after the driver performs safety-sensitive duties, he/she may then proceed with the appropriate drug or alcohol test.

How long will it take for drug test results to come back for my driver?

A verified negative drug test should be reported the next day by mid-afternoon (as long as the collection is done at a high-speed site before the courier picks up the samples at the site, the test is negative with no complications, and your company has a confidential method of receiving results). A verified positive drug test is usually reported within 48-72 hours after collection depending on the drug that is detected.

What do I do if I am asked to submit an MIS report?

Call. Florida Drug, Alcohol, & DNA Screening We will assist you in completing the appropriate forms by the deadline. If you are under contract with us, there is not charge.

What do I do if I am being audited by the DOT?

Call. Florida Drug, Alcohol, & DNA Screening. We can help you get ready for the audit, and provide you with copies of documents required by the DOT if any are missing from your files. If you are under contract with us, there is not charge.

Are test results confidential?

Your test results are confidential. An employer or service agent (e.g. testing laboratory, MRO or SAP) is not permitted to disclose your test results to outside parties without your written consent. But, your test information may be released (without your consent) in certain situations, such as: legal proceedings, grievances, or administrative proceedings brought by you or on your behalf, which resulted from a positive or refusal. When the information is released, the employer must notify you in writing of any information they released.

Will prescription drugs test positive?

Use of some prescription medications may result in a positive drug test. In this event, a Medical Review Officer (MRO) or other appropriate company personnel may inquire to determine if the employee has a legitimate medical explanation, such as a physician’s prescription, for the result.